Interested in problems related to computational biology, deep learning and probabilistic graphical models.


I am currently working at Microsoft Research in Redmond as a Sr. Applied Scientist. I did my PhD in ML-CSE dept at Georgia Tech. I was advised by Prof. Srinivas Aluru and also mentored by Prof. Le Song. My interest is on working with probabilistic graphical models and developing highly structured deep learning architectures that can be used for wide variety of tasks. I also spend time exploring the theoretical aspects for better understanding of these neural network architectures and associated meta-learning approaches. An additional aspect of my research is to apply High Performance Computing concepts to develop scalable machine learning algorithms. 

Prior to Georgia Tech, I was a researcher at Xerox Research Center India from July 2014 to July 2016, where I mostly worked in the areas of scalable machine learning, developing new ML algorithms for applications in healthcare domain.

I have a B.Tech(Hons) + M.Tech (Dual Degree) in Electronics & ECE from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (2009-2014). I like swimming, enjoy playing racquet games (squash, tennis, badminton) and always up for good weekend getaway hike!

Email id: contact [at] harshshrivastava [dot] com