2018 (Dec.)

Cooperative Neural Networks (CoNN)

Accepted at NIPS-18 conference (github) (blog)


A generic technique to design deep Learning architectures based on the prior information available via domain specific probabilistic graphical models.

2018 (Summer intern)

Microsoft AI Research, Redmond

PhD Research intern (worked on RNN compression, under evaluation in ICLR conference)


Had a great internship experience. Explored the beautiful city of Seattle, visited Alaska, finally did skydiving, met some awesome people. Overall, quite a memorable experience

2017 (Summer intern)

Xerox PARC

PhD Research intern at Interaction and Analytics Laboratory (IAL)


Worked on anomaly detection for unstructured data for document security. Patented the algorithm developed.

2017 (Feb)

Another Class Imbalance ML classifier published

Accepted at AAAI-2017


Developed a ML classifier based on chi-sq technique. Though, this technique is difficult to scale to higher dimension.

2016 - present

Georgia Tech

PhD in CS (Machine Learning dept.)


Trying out grad school. Taking time to ponder upon some research ideas.


(Another startup attempt..)


Android App - playstore, iOS, Website


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2015 (Nov.)

Q-Classifier: A new ML algorithm

Accepted at BIBM conference (github)


Developed a ML classifier for class imbalance data handling. It was inspired by the concept of electric fields in physics!


Android App - Link

The Closelook app links you to all activities and happenings nearby. With its location based service, create or join a circle that interests you and find people sharing similar interests near your location. Follow and interact in the circles to stay updated on your favorite topics. Talk about the maintenance situation in your neighborhood, find best food in your locality, or discuss places to visit in a city.


(Attempt at a startup..)

2014 - 2016

Xerox Research Center India

Budding Scientist, Data Analytics for Healthcare


After graduation from IIT-KGP, I joined Xerox research labs. This was my first job in industrial research setting. As a profit based company, I think they maintained a decent conducive exploratory research environment.

2012 onwards

Machine Learning

Dilettante --> Professional


Shifted research interest from VLSI to Machine Learning. Started participating in data science competitions. Turns out that playing with probability and optimizations algorithms interests me the most.

TU Munich, Germany

Research fellowship

Kudos to German work ethics. It was definitely a Euro trip! haha!


(Summer intern)


(Summer intern)

Carnegie Mellon University

CSSR fellowship

Academic commitments aside, had a wonderful stay in Pittsburgh. Certainly was a good opportunity to explore USA.


(Summer intern)

Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore

Indian Academy of Science Fellowship

My first academic research experience. IISc has a beautiful campus and clubbed together with incredibly plesant weather, it really has a awesome research feel to it :)



IIT Kharagpur

B.Tech (Hons) + M.Tech (Dual degree) - Electronics & ECE

Had a memorable undergrad here!





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